Together We Grow

Together We Grow honors the legacy of Mitch Van Yahres, for his unwavering commitment to care for both people and trees. Mitch owned a tree company and his civic service included eight years on City Council, where he was instrumental in creating the Downtown Mall, former mayor of Charlottesville and 25 years in the Virginia House of Delegates. When he retired, he was called the conscience of the House because of his years righting wrongs, fighting for civil rights and promoting equal opportunity for all. Fittingly, his obituary read: “Mitch tended trees for a living and people for a lifetime.” Jake Van Yahres, the grandson of Mitch Van Yahres, is a dedicated social artist and graphic designer. His vision for this aspirational mural grew from the idea that trees come in all shapes, sizes and like people, they grow stronger together. For more from Jake Van Yahres click here. The mural was painted by Christy Baker with the help of Marcelle Van Yahres and Charlottesville High School Students. For more from Christy Baker click here.

Designed by: Jake Van Yahres
Painted by: Christy Baker