St. Anne’s Belfield Mural is complete!

The St. Anne’s Belfield Mural was completed last week–just in time for the last day of school.   Mrs. Cox and the 8th grade class made a final push to have everyone paint their hand print on the tree and leave their mark.  The “foliage” has filled-out in the last week, and over the years, as other 8th grade classes add their hand prints, the tree will grow into a mature, multi-colored spectacle.

I was very impressed with the dedication from the art kids.  The mural fills the expansive wall of the basketball court area, and offers a more interesting visual landscape.  It’s hard to believe such a mural was completed in only a short series of 45-minute class periods!  Major props to Mrs. Cox!

The mural could not have happened without technical help from Blue Ridge Paint and Decorating, Benjamin Moore, Andrew Lettner Painting, and the on-site assistance from artist Patrick Costello.  I hope to see STAB continue the mural tradition in years to come!
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St. Anne’s Belfield School mural is underway!

The CMP was approached by the middle school art teacher at St. Anne’s Belfield to help produce a mural on their basketball courts.  We started planning in February and just this week the first strokes of color were put on the wall!  There was some big prep work to be done before the color was applied–including sanding the smooth concrete and spraying a coat of masonry primer.  Our friends at Blue Ridge Building Supply and Benjamin Moore came out to offer their technical advice.  They’ve been more than helpful in making sure our prep and paint choices will ensure a long life of the mural.

The main design, worked up by a smaller group of art-minded students from the 8th grade, will incorporate a large tree in a landscape settin that would incorporate each year’s class mascot.  So while this year’s class will do the majority of the painting, next year’s class will paint their mascot on the wall in what will begin a long line of school mascots that parade down a road.  Apart from that clever and collaborative idea, students will also “make their mark” by leaving a hand print on the wall.  The hand prints will actually form the leaves of a large tree which stretches across the width of the mural.

Kim Cox (below), the middle school art teacher, is leading the 8th Grade in this mural adventure!  The CMP has also hired Patrick Costello (pictured on the scaffolding) to help provide technical assistance and on-site advice.

We’ll be updating the progress throughout the next four weeks.  Considering how much was painted in just the first day, I think we’ll soon see the tree and maybe even the mascot details added in two weeks.  It’s been such a great time working with the students who are genuinely excited and focused on creating the mural.  Some kids even skipped lunch because they were so engrossed in the painting!

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