Federico¬†Cuatlacuatl is a Mexican indigenous artist born in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico whose work disseminates topics of Latinx immigration, social art practice, and cultural sustainability. Cuatlacuatl enlisted the help of the Albemarle High School Latinx Club to complete this colorful addition to the Woolen Mills neighborhood. The mural was completed as part of Cuatlacuatl’s Tom Tom Artist Residency at The Bridge and is located on the Sun Tribe Solar warehouse. Cuatlacuatl explains the project is intended to draw attention to the lands of indigenous peoples who lived where Charlottesville is now located. The mural also highlights symbiosis with nature, a crucial aspect of the lifestyle of indigenous groups. You can find it at 1801 Broadway Street. See more from Federico Cuatlacuatl here.

Artist: Federico Cuatlacuatl

Cholula, Puebla, Mexico & Charlottesville

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