Rolling Murals

In the summer of 2021, Karina Monroy and Federico Cuatlacuatl set up outside Visible Records to create two new rolling murals on the box trucks of LEAP (Local Energy. Alliance Program) This partnership with LEAP will add a mobile splash of color to neighborhoods throughout town. LEAP’s focus is improving comfort and energy efficiency in homes at low/no-cost. Karina shares “I often associate home with plants. As a child of Mexican immigrants, I often think about ideas of home and what land we pertain to. I’ve seen time and time again, the resiliency of my family and their ability to create home within them. A home that is beyond borders. Like the nopal, we are planted, then transplanted, and even then our roots remain strong.” 

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Artist: Karina Monroy & Federico Cuatlacuatl

Charlottesville, VA

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