Neighborhood Murals for Inpatient Psychiatry

The Charlottesville Mural Project celebrates a new series of murals to adorn the walls of UVA Health’s Department of Inpatient Psychiatry. New national guidelines for patient safety recommend the removal of framed artwork from facilities where patients might be prone to use objects to harm themselves and others. Dedicated Inpatient Psychiatry staff George Andrews and William Russell approached The Charlottesville Mural Project with a determination to find a solution that was safe and inspiring for their patients. As many as 20 murals will be commissioned and painted by local artists. The new murals will each be completed by artists with close ties to one of Charlottesville’s neighborhoods and will highlight the character and vibrancy within. The Murals will provide patients a welcoming experience and help them feel more connected to their communities on their road to recovery.

Artists: Andrea Trimble & Jae Johnson

Charlottesville, VA

Mental Health Technician and Professor of Art, George Andrews explains, “This project is an important one because it opens and supports a dialogue between people suffering from mental illness and the community.”

The effort will kick off the week of May 10th with artists Andrea Trimble and Jae Johnson painting murals representing the Greenbrier and 10th & Page neighborhoods, respectively. Charlottesville artists interested in painting a mural representing their neighborhood should visit to apply for consideration. This project receives generous support from the UVA Hospital Auxiliary Committee. 

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