“The imagery of a rearing horse, sometimes bridled but with reigns flying loose, signifies a powerful animal which has been subjugated by humankind, and has finally broken free. Inescapably majestic and elegant in their powerful and muscular form, horses have an inherent sense of nobility. The image of the horse carries with it the weight of nationalism and patriotism. Historically, they were the creatures men took to war, to fight and die alongside them with unrelenting loyalty. Within this discrepancy between their physical power and their subservience, they become archetypal symbols for notions of human power struggles, war, nationalism and blind loyalty to leadership. By unleashing or freeing these dignified creatures through these images, we understand their own sense of agency, independent from human quests, ultimately expressing their own innate power. Breaking free, the figures in this series conjure sentiments of resistance, freeing oneself from oppressive ideologies and rulers. And  stands as a reminder of our individual, innate strength and ability to stand up to fascist rule, separatist thinking and totalitarian power.”

Artist: Faith XLVII