Fruto De La Misma Semilla

Karina Monroy is a Chicana artist based in Charlottesville Virginia. Fruto De La Misma Semilla (Fruit of the Same Seed) adds some personality to the new Latinx Cultural Center at UVA. 

“For me, my cultura is really informed and defined by food. Recipes passed down from my abuelita, knowing how to properly pelar un nopal, cooking together in community, using the same tools that our pre-hispanic ancestors did, like el molcajete, and el metate; these are the things that keep the culture alive, keep it going, keep it thriving, keep us thriving; nourishing our bodies and our souls. Food, colorful produce, plants, the soil and all it gives to us. These are the elements I wanted to highlight in this mural, as I feel like they are the elements that really tie us together as Latinxs.” 

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Artist: Karina Monroy


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