Climate Justice Mural

In the summer of 2021 The Charlottesville Mural Project teamed up with Community Climate Collaborative, Boys & Girls Clubs and the American Red Cross to create a powerful mural on the Charlottesville Red Cross building. Over the summer, climate justice interns hosted a camp with Boys & Girls Club students where youngsters learned about the effects of climate change and what can be done to address it. This included some hot summer days painting the 123 vertical stripes representing deviations from the average temperature in Charlottesville over the past 123 years. Artist Jae Johnson worked with the Community Climate Collaborative to identify and depict local species and populations at risk from climate change, including the brook trout, dogwood (state flower/tree) and Jae’s own children.

For more from Jae Johnson, visit here.

Artist: Jae Johnson & Climate Justice Interns


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