A celebration surrounds the newest mural at Johnson Elementary School!

Led by two parent volunteers, Johnson Elementary School students just completed a mural project with the help of artist Chicho Lorenzo.  Adrienne Dent and Doris Simpson, parents of Johnson Elementary school students, initiated the project by hiring Chicho Lorenzo.  The Charlottesville Mural Project funded the project, paying for supplies and an artist stipend.

Over the course of three months, Adrienne and Doris arranged for Chicho to work in the classrooms with students, brainstorming mural themes by drawing pictures and sharing stories.

IMG_9572   IMG_9575


As themes started to emerge, Chicho developed a visual story to be painted on panels and displayed in different locations around the school.  The end result is a multi-paneled story of a leopard (which, by no coincidence is Johnson’s mascot) who goes on an adventure searching for his missing spots!   The mural panels incorporate aspects of the students’ drawings:

IMG_0040      IMG_0024

IMG_0033     IMG_0035      IMG_0037

Chicho also incorporated one of the section of the story on the cafeteria wall!



On May 28th, Johnson Elementary hosted a celebration event, inviting parents and students to witness the unveiling of the murals and displaying the students’ artwork throughout the hallways.

The excellent organization and leadership from Adrienne and Doris, and the creative visual imagination of Chicho Lorenzo, produced a vibrant and unique mural for Johnson Elementary students to enjoy for years to come.

The Charlottesville Mural Project is so grateful to be part of this project!  We hope to support more projects like this in the future, as parents or teachers from Charlottesville and Albemarle schools engage students in the fantastic craft of mural making!