Drawing inspiration from Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, the Charlottesville Mural Project was launched in 2011 as a project of The Bridge | Progressive Arts Initiative.  Greg Kelly and Ross McDermott returned from a 2010 summer visit to the Mural Arts Program with the dream of creating a similar initiative in Charlottesville.  After some initial planning and generous sponsorship from The FUNd at the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, they launched a project with an attainable and focused mission.  The CMP is fiscally sponsored by Virginia Organizing


The CMP has broad curatorial interests–from modern street/graffiti art to wheat-pasted photographs to more formal “themed” murals.  We partner with painters, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers–even poets and writers!  Check out our INSPIRATION page to see the kind of work we admire.


We also believe it’s important to inspire youth with creative, public art projects.  By involving kids and young adults in projects that visibly change the landscape of our city, we help instill a sense of pride and involvement in the community.  Additionally, murals are a great way to encourage teamwork and artistic expression.  There’s nothing like getting covered in paint!


The CMP functions on many levels.  Primarily, we commission murals.  But we also serve as consultants.  Are you an arts administrator with an idea for a mural?  A teacher or principal?  Do you own a building with a blank wall and want to give it some color?  Are you an artist with an idea?  We can help.

The CMP has a close relationships with artists in town who are available to assist on murals or would like to work on a design.  We also work with paint companies, rental companies, and the City of Charlottesville.  There are some major steps involved in planning a mural.  The CMP can help guide you through the steps and answer the difficult questions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas!


Are you interested in serving as a volunteer on a project?  We have several ways you can get involved.  Are you especially interested in working with youth or outreach projects?  Please let us know your specific interests and talents.

We are sometimes looking for experienced artists who we can hire for labor.  If you have the skills and can handle scaffolding and lifts, send us an email.